Demystifying the Art of Values-Driven Hiring

There are many advantages of values-driven hiring, such as that it enables to get 2,000% more applicants than the big cheese headhunting firms. But let's talk about what Values-Driven Hiring is, how it is different and how it works.

Do you remember the last job posts you saw? How did they make you feel? Most of nowadays’ job descriptions are dull and charmless. Why? Because they focus on communicating hiring requirements ONLY. They talk about what the company wants in terms of skills and experience. As a candidate you’re neither entertained, nor do you actually know if applying is really worth your effort, because you don’t know the decisive part. How does the employer look like from the inside. 

  • What believes drive this company and do I share them?
  • How does it feel to be part of the team?
  • Is the company really interested in supporting where I want to go?

Values-Driven Hiring answers these questions.

The goal of values-driven hiring is creating high performing teams by winning top talent whose central values contribute to the envisioned culture. It communicates values first.

Here is why it's so powerful. When we communicate our values with action, words, imagery or other forms of expression, we attract people that share our values or find them desirable. Also we push those people away that have contradicting values. This effect becomes even stronger the more clearly we communicate our values.

"You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life"

Winston Churchill

Values-driven job posts and talent marketing content pull the best talent into the world of the employer. It helps candidates to pre-evaluate the culture of an employer to determine if it is worth the effort to apply. Candidates who get inspired by talent marketing content are much more motivated to apply.

Get started with values-driven hiring today!

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