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We empower thoughtful leaders to build a powerful brand with their unapologetic self 

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Overcome these common branding obstacles

You're wondering how to make your brand stand out

You're not sure what meaningful messages to send

You're struggling to create on-brand content efficiently

Make your business flourish

Attract clients you love working with

Get clarity for your business strategy

Attract more best-match employees 

Become a renowned thought leader

We'll help you grow your brand by embracing your unapologetic self

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Connect with your unapologetic self

Discover the value-system and the stories that make you unique and successful

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Manifest your brand & content strategy

Develop your brand concept, brand design and content strategy

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Win and monetize your audience

Create thoughtful content and monetize it or use it to attract the best employees 

Only the truth of who you are, if realized, will set you free.
Eckhart Tolle
➞ We call this truth your 'unapologetic self'

Is VALUED a fit for you?

  • You're a thoughtful entrepreneur or leader
  • You run a small or medium sized business
  • You're thinking long-term
  • You want your business to inspire joy
  • Your mission is to create a positive impact
  • Your have no or a small marketing team
  • You want to implement truthful value-based marketing

Explorers, Entrepreneurs, Humanists

We believe that businesses should be a source of joy and honor the individuality of co-creators and clients. Building genuine relationships is essential. When you collaborate with us, you get a partner who cares deeply.
Marc Eichner
About Marc
  • Inventor of the Personal Branding YOU Model
  • Serial Entrepreneur & Real Estate Investor
  • Featured in Washington Post, SZ
  • LinkedIn Top Voice
  • 0,01% Top Performer at University
  • Surfer
Hanna Yarashuk
About Hanna
  • Brand management expert
  • Body-oriented psychology expert
  • Worked withbrands in Europe, Middle East and Asia
  • Wilderness wanderer
Nikhil Hirandani
About Nikhil
  • Social media content & design specialist
  • Marble mine owner
  • Ex COO GrowthClub
  • Ex Disney Hotstar
Arthur Jones
About Arthur
  • Story telling master
  • Inventor of story listening
  • Brand strategy architect
  • Author
Patricia Hilbig
About Patricia
  • Personality diagnostics expert
  • Positive leadership coach
  • Personal development coach
  • Ex-CEO marketing agency
  • Endangered animal activist

Specialists from 4 continents: America, Europe, Africa and Asia

Worked with 78+ entrepreneurs & business leaders

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