Break Free From Job Limitations

Create a business that brings joy to you and others.

Your Successful career has hit a glass Ceiling

  • You've climbed the career ladder
  • There is no way to advance in your company any further
  • You've become a master of your job
  • Nothing about your job surprises you anymore
  • You want to get excited about work again
  • You want to create more positive impact in the world
  • You're craving for a new challenge
➞ You're preparing to start a business

And You Have Questions

How do I maximize my impact for good?

➞ You want your business to make money and create positive impact for the planet and people 

How can I reduce the risk starting up?

➞ You're exploring books, social media, and podcasts about starting up for a smoother transition.

How do I create a business I love?

➞ You want to build a business that gathers people you love working with and provides you with joy and meaning

➞ You're preparing to jump, but you want to do it right.
The Solution

Power your Business With Your Unapologetic Self

The world is full of gurus who preach one-size-fits-all approaches to building businesses. Their "systems" and "best practises" lead to building unfulfilling hamster wheels that fail quickly or suck your soul out. 

But what if you could build a business by just being you? Without having to say sorry for it? A business that's individual as your fingerprint. That’s what we help you do.

When you love what you do, your work feels exciting and full of joy. You’ll get up energized in the morning. And not just you—everyone who works with you will feel that fulfillment, too.

Only the truth of who you are, if realized, will set you free.

Eckhart Tolle

➞ VALUED can help you uncover your identity, integrate it in your business and communicate it unapologetically to multiply your impact

Origin & Odyssee

Individual Coaching

Find out how to get ready to create content that speaks to your target groups' souls
  • Understand your value-system
  • Identify your unapologetic self
  • Create your origin story
  • Define your ideal target group with valuegraphics
  • Define the constraints of your ideal target group
  • Create your brand world
  • Craft a minimal viable content strategy
  • Many many things more

Manifest & Monetize

Individual Coaching

Create a compass that guides you in your personal branding and your business life
  • Find out what makes you inspirational and relatable
  • Vision and mission
  • Your realm
  • Brand manifesto
  • Your founding story
  • Personal brand avatar
  • Create your brand world
  • Gather your trust signals
  • Craft your content strategy
  • Your sales ladder
  • Many many things more

Become a Thought-Leader

Content Creation Service

Get a content strategist or a complete content team that match your convictions and create thought leading content for your socials
  • 1 or several social media platforms
  • Consistent messaging across channels
  • Text, graphics, video
  • Work with masters of their craft
  • Regular reports
  • Account management
  • Optimized for your busy schedule
  • About 2,5 hours of your time required per week
Who's Behind VALUED?

Explorers, Entrepreneurs, Humanists

Marc Eichner
About Marc
  • Inventor of the Personal Branding YOU Model
  • Serial Entrepreneur & Real Estate Investor
  • Featured in Washington Post, SZ
  • LinkedIn Top Voice
  • 0,01% Top Performer at University
  • Surfer
Hanna Yarashuk
About Hanna
  • Brand management expert
  • Body-oriented psychology expert
  • Worked withbrands in Europe, Middle East and Asia
  • Wilderness wanderer
Nikhil Hirandani
About Nikhil
  • Social media content & design specialist
  • Marble mine owner
  • Ex COO GrowthClub
  • Ex Disney Hotstar
Patricia Hilbig
About Patricia
  • Personality diagnostics expert
  • Positive leadership coach
  • Personal development coach
  • Ex-CEO marketing agency
  • Endangered animal activist
Arthur Jones
About Arthur
  • Story telling master
  • Inventor of story listening
  • Brand strategy architect
  • Author

Specialists from 4 continents

78+ entrepreneurs coached

319+ VALUED brand archetype tests taken

Create a Business That Brings Joy To You and Others

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