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Brand Archetype

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In just 7 minutes, uncover the qualities that make you connect with your supreme power to attract the clients, talent and business partners you love working with


VALUED empowers both leaders and businesses to articulate their identity with precision, propelling faster and more enduring growth.

Linkedin Lead-Gen

Charm LinkedIn, Don't Conquer It

Why conquer LinkedIn like a battlefield when you can charm it like a ballroom? Our service goes beyond the robotic "Hello, let's connect" messages. We bring to life the rich tapestry of your company and personal narratives. 
Consulting & Implementation


Orbit Beyond the Conventional

In just weeks, we'll endow your company with such profound meaning, it will radiate like a newly formed star, outshining all competitors. So irresistible, it will redefine the laws of gravity and draw in impact players.
Consulting & Implementation

AI Powered Chatbots

Your New Brand Ambassadors

Chatbots shouldn't just be coded entities; they should be the emotional harbingers of your brand. We don't just create chatbots; we birth Brand Ambassadors help you optimize sales with your data treasures.
WHO's Behind VALUED?

Explorers, Entrepreneurs, HUmanists

Marc Eichner
  • Archetypal Employer Branding
  • LinkedIn Active Sourcing
  • Featured in Washington Post, SZ
  • LinkedIn Voice
  • Surfer
Hanna Yarashuk
  • Generative & Conversational AI
  • Spiral Dynamics
  • Worked with Brands in Europe, Middle East and Asia
  • Outdoor Explorer
Arthur Jones
  • Business Story
  • Brand Strategy
  • Author
  • Kyūdō Master

Essence Discovery


It's not about benefits, it's about connection. Discover YOUR and your company's essence and carry it out in the world.

Communicate your values to create a powerful culture and win the hearts and minds of clients, talent and business partners you want to have in your life and business.
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the magic ingredients that Create a Movement

Rethink Your Hiring Strategy

Unearth Your Hiring Superpowers with This Espresso Booklet

Want to turn your company into a talent destination? Secure the Espresso Booklet, "The Surprising Recruiting Mistake That Costs You 95% Applicants". Discover the pivotal mindset shift that enhances your recruiting, without spending extra on job ads. Unleash your full talent-attracting potential!
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Create a Movement

Express your interest in working with us and we'll show you how to create impact with your identity. Your expression of interest doesn't bind you to any obligation.

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