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Connect with your brand archetypes to attract the clients and people you love working with

You want to establish a thoughtful brand and wonder how to make it consistent?

You're not sure what your brand story is?

You're not sure about your tone of voice?

You're not sure how to design your brand?

Taking the brand archetype test is a fast way to define a strong and consistent brand

  • Understand the strategy and values that drive your brand
  • Learn about the strengths and challenges your brand faces
  • Find out which tone of voice, colors and typography to use
  • Get instant access to your primary archetype profile
  • Get your downloadable brand archetype card

What business leaders are saying about the test

A quick and straight-forward test which gives you right away actionable insights and tools to effectively and consistently communicate your personality, values and style.

Federico Pirola
Partner Emerald Foundry

I built my company brand for 5 years, without knowing that subconsciously I was integrating my personal values. Now I'd do it more intentionally and faster with archetypes and values-system design.

Kadri Kaasik
Founder SilvaHunt OÜ

The archtype test is on another level. It covers every aspect of your personality but doesn't pigeonhole you into one category. 

Arthur Jones
Founder Storylab LLC

What are brand archetypes?

Imagine your brand as a character in a story. Just like in your favorite books or movies, every character has a unique personality and role. Brand archetypes work the same way—they help businesses figure out what kind of character their brand would be if it were a person.

Why do you need a brand archetype?

Think about your favorite superhero or story character. You remember them because they have a clear personality and purpose. That's what a brand archetype does for your business. It makes your brand memorable and helps people understand what you're all about quickly.

Brand archetypes don't box you in

The MBTI says you are one of 16 personality types, which means you are not the other 15. Personality tests like MBTI can make you feel stuck in one type. But archetypes let you explore many different sides of yourself. We can all learn to use different archetypes in our lives.

Benefits of using brand archetypes

Connect with clients on a subconscious level

Understand what makes you uniquely stand out

Get clarity about your marketing strategy

Get advice to implement immediately

What are the 12 brand archetypes?

There are 12 different main brand archetypes, each with its own set of traits and goals. Each archetype has 4 sub-archetypes.

























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