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You're a Supreme Leader

As a sovereign, you are the ultimate symbol of power and order, possessing an aura of regal privilege and royalty while embodying the perfect model of proper behavior. You are connected to tradition and status, and embody qualities of dignity, benevolence, and serenity.

Driven by a desire for growth and expansion, you are committed to furthering your "Kingdom" and accepting the responsibilities that come with immense power. Power and leadership are expressed in countless ways, and you can combine your sovereign archetype with others such as sage, seeker, warrior, or lover to create a more specific style and perspective.

As a sovereign, you symbolize the highest expression of collective power by representing what can be achieved through cooperation. So let your regal presence inspire you to strive for greatness, pursue your dreams with diligence and grace, and achieve the impossible through collective effort.

Your Essence

core desire

To establish and maintain a sense of power, control, and authority in their industry or field of expertise


Nobility. Stability. Tradition. Rank. Benevolence. Responsibility. Diplomacy. Leadership. Confidence


Excellence. Success. Authority. Control. Exclusivity. Stability.


Dictatorship. Domination. Entitlement. Greed. Manipulation. Misuse of influence. Righteousness

With great power comes great responsibility.

- Uncle Ben

Your Journey


You want to establish a dominant and successful image, to maintain stability and order, and to be recognized as a leader in your industry or field of expertise


You strive to project an image of authority, competence, and exclusivity through high-quality products or services, and to create a strong brand identity that embodies the values of power and control


Losing control, being overthrown or challenged, appearing weak or incompetent, and not living up to your own high standards of success and achievement - these are your fears as a sovereign

4 Expressions of the Sovereign

Which type resonates with you the most?



The patriarch is the head of a family hierarchy who provides oversight, governance, and protection. This archetype is skilled at managing and distributing duties and is expected to attend to, defend, and protect those under their care, even if it means sacrificing its personal needs.

Exhibiting traits of self-control, experience, and command, the patriarch inspires a sense of security, certainty, respect, and assurance in others.


The judge embodies the potential for balancing justice and compassion. Driven by a belief in the power of reciprocity and altruistic punishment, this archetype is skilled at objectively weighing information, distinguishing fact from fiction, and advocating for wrongs to be righted.

With their impartial, logical, and discerning nature, the judge is an expert in the art of research and communication, and can hold numerous referential data points while executing strategic plans. Additionally, the judge possesses a variety of other skills, including mediation, arbitration, and cognitive counseling.


The ambassador is driven by a strong desire to bring people together and resolve disputes. With its skillful navigation of organizational complexities, astute reading of people and situations, and emphasis on long-term thinking, this archetype embodies the essence of a true diplomat. 

Valuing continuity, harmony, and stability, the ambassador possesses an easy manner characterized by charm, persuasion, tolerance, patience, good judgment, multilingualism, and peace-making abilities. Its strategic approach involves identifying common ground and skillfully guiding others toward that place.


The archetype of the ruler embodies authority and leadership, driven to take charge. Unlike the sovereign, the ruler's position is earned or self-made, rather than inherited or acquired by force. Unlike the patriarch, the ruler has no obligation to provide benevolent protection.

 Instead, the ruler must demonstrate expertise, a proven track record, and competence before assuming control. This archetype is pragmatic and values the creation of systems, institutions, and environments that are efficient, productive, and cohesive.


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Henry Kissinger

Queen Elizabeth

Pope Francis

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Warren Buffet

Anna Wintour

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