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You're a Supreme Thinker

As a sage, you are the ultimate symbol of wisdom and knowledge, transcending the mundane to unravel life's mysteries. Your generous spirit, tempered by discernment, allows you to share your insights with compassion, guiding others on a path where lessons are learned and errors are avoided. With a firm belief in the power of thinking and an unyielding pursuit of truth, your independence and cognitive fulfillment define your experience.

Your sage identity is grounded in a deep well of knowledge gained through both contemplation and transcending the material world. As a lifelong learner, you balance tradition and stability with growth and change, valuing learning for its own sake. Your ability to maintain objectivity while deepening your awareness of reality sets you apart. 

With a systems perspective, you cultivate wisdom by connecting and honoring the relationships between seemingly separate entities, embodying the essence of the sage brand archetype.

Your Essence

core desire

To discover and share profound knowledge and insights, fostering enlightenment and promoting personal growth and intellectual fulfillment


Insightfulness. Systems thinking. Lifelong learning. Objectivity. Intellectual curiosity. Talent as a diligent researcher. Rational decision making.


Wisdom. Knowledge. Expertise. Objectivity. Lifelong learning. Personal Growth. Integrity


Information overload. Dogmatism. Skepticism. Humility-authority balance. Relevance. Monetization.

Knowledge is Power.

- Francis Bacon

Your Journey


You want to gather and impart deep understanding, fostering intellectual progress, and delivering dependable advice to inspire individuals on their journey towards knowledge and self-betterment.


You provide reliable knowledge and guidance, fostering an image of expertise, wisdom, and trustworthiness in order to enable personal growth and transformation for your audience.


Misinformation, ignorance, being perceived as incompetent or lacking expertise, inability to guide or teach effectively, and losing objectivity or credibility - these are your fears as a Sage.

4 Expressions of the SAGE

Which type resonates with you the most?



The detective is driven by a relentless pursuit of truth and an unquenchable curiosity about the inner workings of the human mind. With a razor-sharp intuition and an insatiable thirst for knowledge, the detective is always on the hunt for answers to life's most baffling mysteries. For this archetype, solving a case is more than just a job; it's a calling. And there is no greater reward for the detective than the knowledge that comes from understanding the human condition, and no greater satisfaction than the satisfaction of solving the puzzles of life.


As a trusted teacher, the mentor possesses a deep curiosity about what motivates people. They take great satisfaction in empowering others and strive to collaborate with their mentees in reaching higher goals. Motivated by a desire to uplift individuals and share their knowledge for the greater good, the mentor serves as a guiding light to everyone they encounter. With a compassionate approach to teaching, the mentor listens carefully to the unique needs of each mentee and tailors their guidance accordingly, unlocking their full potential and fostering personal growth. In this way, the mentor makes a lasting impact on the lives of those they touch.


The shaman is dedicated to serving humanity, driven by a single-minded commitment to the path of enlightenment. With the ability to access altered states of consciousness, the shaman possesses a unique perspective and understanding of the world. Through mystical and experiential teachings, this archetype serves as a conduit between the visible and invisible realms, facilitating transformation in those they guide. The shaman's unwavering devotion to their craft comes at any cost, fueled by their deep desire to bring about positive change in the world.


The translator embodies the essence of a messenger, driven by a fascination with how language and communication shape individual experiences and meaning-making. With a profound appreciation for the universality of human emotions, the translator taps into the nuances of language and its impact on diverse communities. Exhibiting a strong sense of fairness and integrity, this archetype possesses a keen intellect, cognitive discernment, and heightened intuition. As a bridge between cultures and languages, the translator plays a crucial role in fostering empathy and promoting understanding across diverse contexts.



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