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You're a Supreme Transformer

As a magician, you are the ultimate symbol of the transformative power that lies in understanding the mysteries of the universe. Wrapped up in your mission to figure out the basic rules of everything that exists, your main goal is to turn dreams into something real. You connect with experiences of things falling into place, feeling in the groove, and a sense of togetherness.

Your reputation as the magician is shaped by your energetic, persuasive, and sharp character. You've got a very broad view of the world, allowing you to look at the universe in lots of different ways. You're clever in how you notice things others don't, and you can easily switch between focusing on your inner world and the world around you. You have a natural understanding of how energy works, the changing of seasons, the movement of the stars and planets, and the depths of the soul.

With your special ability to step back from the world while keeping a clear head, you're seen as someone people can trust for advice when they're unsure or confused. You're not afraid of anything as the magician archetype. And you understand the importance of having a clear goal in mind. You believe that the truths within each of us can lead to solutions.

Taking on the role of the magician, you are a thoughtful personality, training your mind to take an active role in shaping your life. You aim to go beyond the everyday, always on the lookout for the extraordinary possibilities that exist in every choice and chance you come across.

Your Essence

core desire

To create meaningful change and transformation through a deep understanding of the universe and its hidden truths


Idea generation. Curiosity. High intellect. Focus. Cross-pollination. Highly evolved perspective. Charisma. Inspiration. Dedication and Commitment 


Transformation. Empowerment. Innovation. Vision. Purpose. Influence. Freedom. Inspiration. Authenticity


Manipulation. All ideas and no action. Danger of getting lost in the mind. Superiority. Temptation to put power to skill to wrong use

The magic of creating something out of nothing is what makes life worth living.


Your Journey


You want to effect transformation and realize visions, turning dreams into reality by using your deep knowledge and understanding of the world


You strive to create an image that showcases your ability to facilitate transformative experiences, to bring about change, and to manifest ideas into reality using your wisdom, innovation, and deep understanding of the world 


The fear of your transformative ideas being misunderstood or not accepted, as well as the fear of using your powers incorrectly, causing unintended harm, or becoming manipulative

4 Expressions of the MAGICIAN

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The alchemist is a transformative figure, skilled in transforming matter and interpreting symbols. This ability allows them to turn negatives into positives, difficulties into wonders, and fear into courage. This archetype blends scientific and spiritual elements and is motivated by the goal of creating a new world vision. Believing that anything is achievable, including eternal life and a universal cure for disease, the alchemist strives for personal refinement, achievement, and change.


One who innovates is driven by change and prefers to ponder "what if?" instead of "why?". Taking risks regularly, the innovator makes unique connections that change the current state of things. This type of person is comfortable with uncertainty and goes on a journey with no sure outcome. The innovator is not averse to testing and is recognized as one who looks for opportunity. With a visionary mindset and grounded approach, this person is known for their thorough investigation, determination and creativity. The innovator is a trendsetter, able to recognize concepts with great potential from a distance.


The Engineer is inquisitive and seeks ways to solve everyday issues. With a strong practicality, this type of person can turn their creative energy into tangible results. They are goal-oriented and driven by results, and are fascinated by the patterns in problem solving. This archetype likes to work slowly and carefully, without relying on hunches. They make an excellent team player, recognizing the importance of collective efforts for a successful outcome. Ultimately, the Engineer is an expert in the field of systems.


The scientist, driven by a selfless wish to work for the benefit of all, takes a thoughtful approach based on observation rather than faith. As an agent of change, they can conceive of novel ways to address life's questions and enigmas. This type of person is fervent about investigating and acquiring a thorough comprehension of the natural world and its secrets. While the engineer has a practical outlook, the scientist scrutinizes things more profoundly, as opposed to the artist who puts them together.







James Cameron


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