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You're a Supreme Enchanter 

As a Lover, you are the ultimate symbol of enduring admiration and profound passion, embodying an appreciation for beauty, intimacy, and collaboration. Your ethos is deeply rooted in the timeless emotions coursing through the senses, culminating in an innate understanding that love is indeed the zenith of earthly experiences. This archetype bathes in the sheer joy and enchanting delight of sensory and sensual experiences, driven by a desire to attract, give, and receive the love that affirms life and nurtures profound connections.

While the Lover archetype intertwines with themes of self-worth, feeling cherished, and gender identity, its influence can resonate in all relationships. At its core it yearns for a connection to self and others so deep it effaces all distinctions.

Love, for the Lover, transcends the bounds of mere emotion or mindset and evolves into a life-affirming path. Bolstered by fervent passion and unwavering devotion, the Lover nurtures an environment of bliss and unity, fostering transformation and rebirth. Through this process it offers a reminder of ageless, transcendent truths that uplift the human experience.

Your Essence

core desire

To cultivate deep and meaningful connections, nurturing an environment of passion, appreciation, and unity


Vitality. Ability to see beauty and possibility. Passionate sensuality. Optimism. Confidentiality. Openness. Expansiveness. 


Connection. Passion. Sensuality. Affection. Unity. Harmony. Attractiveness. Romance. 


Overdependance, maintaining appeal, overindulgence, superficiality, loss of identity, emotional vulnerability

One word frees us of all the weight and pain in life. That word is love.


Your Journey


You want to foster profound relationships, cultivate mutual attraction, and build enduring bonds that transcend the mundane


You strive captivate and involve your audience, reaching out to their emotions and senses, and building an environment of togetherness and mutual respect


You primary fear is being perceived as unattractive or unappealing, leading to disconnection, unwanted solitude, and unreciprocated affection

 4 Expressions of the LOVER

Which type resonates with you the most?



The companion is a supportive friend who offers practical help, a listening ear, and constructive feedback. They empower others by providing a steady, encouraging presence, helping them overcome challenges and achieve their goals. Companions make a significant difference in the lives of those they care for, providing a sense of belonging and value. By offering a balanced mix of support and criticism, companions help those they care for find the courage and strength to pursue their dreams. Whether through acts of service or simply being a good-natured presence, companions can make a positive impact on the lives of those they support.


The Romantic believes in the transformative power of love, seeking deep emotional connections and intense experiences with its partners. They are infatuated with sensual and sexual beauty and prioritize charm, charisma, and sociability. However, while passion and intensity are important to the romantic, it understands the need for balance and stability in long-term relationships. This archetype values trust and respect, working to maintain a strong foundation even as it pursues excitement and stimulation. Ultimately, the romantic offers a unique perspective on love, emphasizing the importance of emotional connection and intensity in intimate relationships.


Matchmaking is an art form that involves a skilled intermediary reducing the risk and fear of rejection that often comes with building relationships. Using its knowledge of relationship dynamics and intuition, the matchmaker facilitates connections of all kinds, from matters of the heart to real estate, education, and business. The Matchmaker possesses a unique ability to spot patterns and make connections between seemingly disparate elements, providing hope and excitement for their clients. It acts as the ultimate wingman, offering the support and guidance necessary to find the perfect partner. Seeking love or business success, the matchmaker is the expert who can help make the right connections.


The hedonist is driven by a relentless pursuit of life's pleasures. With a massive appetite for all things enjoyable, the hedonist indulges in the sensory world. This archetype seeks meaning in the expression of physical joy, reveling in the sheer pleasure of being alive. Possessing an irresistible personality, the hedonist is typically uncomplicated, independent, witty, and generous. It embraces living in the moment, making the most of every opportunity to indulge in life's pleasures. For the hedonist, life is a banquet of sensations, and they are determined to savor every delicious moment.


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