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You're a Supreme Luminary

As an idealist, you are the ultimate symbol of hope and potential, passionately advocating for a world of equal opportunities and peaceful coexistence. Your view of reality transcends the physical, morphing into a landscape molded by consciousness, where you envisage perfect equality and harmony.

Imbued with boundless enthusiasm, altruistic tendencies, an inclination for cooperation, and deep respect for others, your personal brand is anchored in your profound concern for human welfare.

Your personal ethos is grounded in authenticity, intuition, and a strong moral compass, advocating for reciprocal respect and understanding. Fearlessly, you confront hypocrisy, relentlessly questioning constraining beliefs and systems. Your courage extends to contesting widely accepted misconceptions and illuminating the latent presuppositions that bind society.

Driven by an unyielding dedication to social justice and compassion, your journey encourages continual spiritual growth. Not confined to rigid ideologies, you focus on fostering the greater good, becoming a transformative force that continually challenges and reshapes societal norms.

Your Essence

core desire

To inspire and drive change towards a more harmonious, equitable world


Visionary Thinking. Altruism. Intuition. Ethics. Spiritually Oriented. Authenticity. Courage


Altruism. Harmony. Compassion. Optimism. Social Justice. Spirituality. Intuition


Pragmatism. Conflict avoidance. Tendency to avoid, deny or repress problems. Unrealistic expectations

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.


Your Journey


You want to inspire and ignite transformation, leading to a more equitable, peaceful, and enlightened world


You strive to challenge prevailing norms, inspire change, and advocate for social justice, all while connecting authentically and compassionately with others


The fear of societal stagnation, succumbing to cynicism, and the persistence of inequality, injustice, and inauthenticity

4 Expressions of the idealist

Which type resonates with you the most?



The dreamer is a visionary, blessed with a vivid and powerful imagination. It can soar to the highest heights of possibility, taking refuge in the Utopian world of its mind. This archetype is swept away by emotion and the sheer potential of ideas, never needing to bring them into tangible form. It experiences life through symbols and signs and communicates abstractly with great passion and enthusiasm. The dreamer holds the faith of a child, believing that leaping will bring about the desired outcome.



The Innocent is a symbol of purity and virtue, unburdened by the weight of past misdeeds. With an unshakeable optimism, this archetype always sees the glass as half full, seeking the promise of a better tomorrow. Free from guile and corruption, the Innocent embodies a longing for paradise. At its most powerful, it represents a sense of unity and rebirth, bestowing inner peace and acceptance. Bringing back nostalgia for simpler times, this archetype transports us to a bygone era of innocence and uncomplicated living. The Innocent reminds us that a world free of deceit and wrongdoing is not just a dream but a possibility within our reach.


The muse is a source of inspiration that sparks the imagination and fuels creativity. This powerful force breathes life into new ideas and forms, igniting a spark of inspiration that captivates and engages audiences.
When the muse finds a partner, a sacred alliance is formed that inspires a never-ending flow of creative ideas and endeavors. The muse illuminates truths and offers sustained energy, shining a light on even the darkest corners of the human mind. As a conduit to a higher power, the muse provides a source of knowledge about poetry and literature, and the creative space between worlds. It taps into the depths of human emotion, evoking powerful feelings and connections.


Imagine a world where we all embraced the childlike spirit of play and curiosity! With boundless energy, the child exemplifies the art of playfulness, lightness, freedom, and the excitement of endless possibilities. This archetype embodies an unwavering belief in the inherent goodness of humanity, using imagination to uncover the fun in everything. People are irresistibly drawn to the child's joyful aura, as their presence sparks the best in others. The child reminds us to see the world with fresh eyes and find joy in the simplest of things. Don't we all crave a little more of that carefree spirit in our lives? Let's learn from the child and awaken our own playful and curious selves!


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