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You're a Supreme originator

As a creator, you are the ultimate symbol of a passionate spirit driven by self-expression. Your mission is to make a lasting impression on the world as a cultural trailblazer. Your rich imagination and keen sense of beauty enable you to craft works of art that showcase your unique perspective.

Dedicated to perfecting your skills and exploring new forms of expression, you constantly push the boundaries of what's possible. Your self-worth is anchored in your creative pursuits, providing you solace amidst life's uncertainties and imbuing you with a sense of purpose as you strive to create meaning.

At times, you might be perceived as aloof or eccentric, but in truth, you are fiercely dedicated to your craft. Driven by a deep belief in the power of creativity, your unwavering commitment to the creative process is a testament to your pursuit of immortality through your work.

Whether the creative spark flows freely or temporarily evades your grasp, your passion and devotion remain unshaken. As a creator, you stand as a testament to the transformative power of art and the indelible impact of a visionary mind.

Your Essence

core desire

To innovate, inspire, and manifest enduring ideas and solutions that transform the world


Creativity. Imagination. Nonlinear thought. Unorthodox perspective. Nonconformity. Developed aesthetic. Keen insight. Talent for channeling the fullness of the human experience into tangible forms 


Imagination. Self-expression. Vision. Originality. Craftsmanship. Innovation. Aesthetic appreciation. Persistence. Passion


Overdramatization. Perfectionism. Lack of follow-through. Need for attention. Tendency to take on too many projects/challenges. Lack of follow-through

The power of imagination makes us infinite.


Your Journey


You want to conceive and actualize visionary ideas, products, or services that leave a lasting impact and elevate the human experience


You foster a culture of innovation and collaboration, channeling your passion, expertise, and unique perspective to deliver transformative, high-quality experiences that resonate with your audience


You fear mediocrity, lack of originality, and the inability to make a lasting impact or inspire meaningful change through your creations

4 Expressions of the creator

Which type resonates with you the most?



THE ARTIST possesses a magical touch, transforming the mundane into the magnificent. Driven by endless wonder, a playful spirit, and a wellspring of emotions, the artist brings to light the beauty in the overlooked. With a fierce drive and a deep need to express themselves, the artist experiences life with all five senses and then some. With a bold spirit and a fearless heart, they aren't afraid to challenge the status quo and shake up society's most cherished beliefs. The artist's canvas is the world, and they bring their unique perspective to life, painting their truth in vivid, awe-inspiring hues.


THE STORYTELLER weaves a tapestry of tales that brings people together, unlocking deep emotions and imparting knowledge in an entertaining and impactful way. With the power to captivate and educate, the storyteller shares history, insight, and wisdom, adding a touch of drama to drive home their message. This archetype serves as a bridge between the conscious and unconscious, making the intangible tangible, the abstract concrete, and the disparate cohesive. By sharing stories that resonate with the human experience, the storyteller connects people and enriches their lives.


THE VISIONARY is a master strategist with a mind that soars beyond the boundaries of every day to dream up new possibilities for the betterment of all. Fueled by a vivid imagination, unrivaled insight, and fearless boldness, this archetype thinks on a grand scale and seamlessly blends numerous pieces of information. Despite their incredible foresight and remarkable intellect, the visionary remains surprisingly humble, recognizing their gift of insight as something borrowed rather than claimed. With wisdom that transcends the individual, the visionary can envision a beautiful future for the greater good and rally those around them to turn their dreams into reality.


THE ENTREPRENEUR is a master of turning big dreams into tangible realities. As an idea generator, this archetype is driven by ambition and a desire for achievement. With a confident and decisive nature, the entrepreneur is always on the hunt for opportunities to stand out from the crowd and make their mark. They have a unique "outside-in" perspective and a fierce independence that makes them unstoppable in their pursuit of success. Fueled by an adrenaline addiction, the entrepreneur may be considered a "Type A" personality, always pushing the limits and never content with simply taking direction.



D.J. De pree






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