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You're a Supreme Unifier

As a citizen, you are the ultimate symbol of unwavering personal integrity, fairness, and equity, committed to fostering a strong sense of community. As the embodiment of purpose and meaning, every action you take is grounded in your deeply held beliefs. Finding fulfillment through service, stewardship, contribution, and moral leadership, you dare to stand tall on principle, radiating energy and optimism while navigating the world with pragmatism and a measured pace.

With a selfless heart, your identity is forged through the experiences of camaraderie, not subjugation or dominance. You are guided by the belief that our shared humanity relies on positive action for the greater good and the celebration of diversity. Embracing responsibility as the path to true freedom, you refuse to be bogged down by partisan politics, choosing instead to be a conscious change-maker, wielding the power of sacrifice and innovation to tackle the challenges of our time.

A systems thinker with faith in humanity's ability to make a positive impact, you see the value in the collective and strive to build a better world for us all. Embrace the essence of the citizen archetype and feel the thrill of living a life guided by purpose and purposefulness.

Your Journey

core desire

 To create a sense of belonging, equity, and unity, working towards the common good and fostering a better world for everyone


Consensus-building. Commitment. Solidarity. Diplomacy. Collaboration. Accountability. Adaptability. Altruism. Perseverance. Resilience


Community. Equality. Integrity. Responsibility. Collaboration. Inclusivity. Sustainability. Empowerment. Service


Bureaucracy. Groupthink. Polarization. Overcommitment. Conflict. Inequality. Cynicism. Skepticism. Factionalism. Stagnation

My country is the world and my religion is to do good.

- Thomas Paine

Your Journey


You want to establish a dominant and successful image, to maintain stability and order, and to be recognized as a leader in your industry or field of expertise


You strive to project an image of authority, competence, and exclusivity through high-quality products or services, and to create a strong brand identity that embodies the values of power and control


Losing control, being overthrown or challenged, appearing weak or incompetent, and not living up to your own high standards of success and achievement - these are your fears as a sovereign

4 Expressions of the CITIZEN

Which type resonates with you the most?



Fueled by the desire to feel connected and part of a community, the everyman holds a steadfast belief that every person deserves equal respect, regardless of their background, status, age, ethnicity, or beliefs. The everyman lives life like a good neighbor, always striving to do what is right, without seeking recognition or drama. With a warm and genuine charm, the everyman embraces a relaxed, easy-going lifestyle, choosing to be low-key, non-threatening, and always ready to lend a helping hand.


As the ultimate connector, the networker brings together diverse communities of peers for the benefit of all. With a talent for discovering common ground among people, the networker is driven to expand its circle of influence by forging powerful alliances and making meaningful connections. Possessing an innate emotional intelligence, the networker is attuned to the needs of others and effortlessly puts them at ease with their charming storytelling and infectious charisma. Often seen as the life of the party, the networker is a natural friend-maker and a master at building thriving social networks.


Fueled by a burning desire for social change, the advocate is committed to transforming societal issues and empowering individuals to raise their voices for a cause, no matter how controversial or overlooked it may be. Driven by a passion for "compassion in action," this archetype sparks empowerment and progress by bringing people together, igniting their sense of purpose, and defending those who cannot yet advocate for themselves. A fearless defender of the underdog, the advocate inspires others to join the fight for what is just and right.


A true embodiment of selflessness, the servant is a versatile and compassionate figure, taking on roles ranging from support to servant leadership. With a spirit of service, not subservience, the servant is dedicated to enhancing the lives of others through diligent and humble stewardship. Driven by a calling to serve, this archetype is a tireless helper, freely choosing to offer assistance without the expectation of recognition or reward. For the servant, the satisfaction of serving is its reward.


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