Attracting Candidates Made Easy

Transform your job posts into VALUED landing pages that speak to the heart and mind of ideal candidates, with AI.

The perfect blend of humanism and tech
Federico Pirola
Partner Emerald Foundry
The key tools that every recruiter needs
Kadri Kaasik
Founder SilvaHunt OÜ
The future of talent attraction is here and there are tools for it
Arthur Jones
Founder Storylab LLC

Flip the job post script

Attract exponentially more committed candidates by addressing all layers of Maslow's hierarchy of needs.

➞ The VALUED Studio makes addressing all layers a breeze.
Attractiveness AI Assistant

Gather the info that shows what makes your company attractive

Go through a discovery process and be surprised what talent marketing gems you'll find.

  • Explore your employer brand archetypes
  • Identify social proof
  • Shape your employer value proposition
AI Career Landing Page Builder

Build stunning vacancy landing pages in seconds with AI

The easiest way to build a landing page that converts. Zero coding skills required.

  • Turn existing job posts into an experience
  • Automatic styling to fit your employer brand
  • Publish to your career portal 
AI Pre-qualification Form Builder

Auto-customize prequalification forms based on the job

Easily generate prequalification questions based on the job and set up the application form.

  • Ask the right questions 
  • Save time implementing
  • Optimize candidate experience
Dashboard & Connect

Manage your candidates in one dashboard

Send applicant data to your ATS or download them directly from the dashboard

  • Get an overview with KPIs
  • Download applicant data and files
  • Connect your ATS

How VALUED Studio impacts candidate experience

Applying is now exciting
→ Applicants tell their friends about their experience
Candidates save time
→ They know if it's a values match before applying 
Candidates show their true selves
→ They help you make a better hiring decision
Emotionally invested candidates
→ You reduce no-shows & withdrawals
➞ With a better candidate experience you'll attract more committed applicants and reduce time-to-hire

What people say about VALUED landing pages

Senior Hiring Manager, Amazon
"Now that's an innovative form of recruiting!"
HR Manager,
Banking Sector
"The job post’s language is so incredibly human-centered which makes it a challenge to NOT apply."
Senior Marketing Manager,
"I’m happy with my employer, but when I saw this job I was so intrigued that my application just HAPPENED."


1 Active Career Landing Page
+ Attractiveness AI Assistant
+ AI Career Landing Page Builder
+ Pre-qualification AI Assistant
+ Dashboard & ATS connect
+ Advanced Analytics
50 EUR
(+50 EUR per additional active career landing page)
Prices excl. VAT


Imagine reducing your time-to-hire by 2 months with a VALUED landing page. These are your results:

9,950 €

Savings from cost of vacancy



14,5 hours

until break-even

Calculated with an average vacancy cost of 5,000 € / month (Handelsblatt, 2023)

Case Study

Initial situation

  • Start-Up backed by HUK Coburg
  • 4 vacancies: HR, systems admin, legal, marketing 


  • Not enough impact player candidates,
  • Only 1 applicant for the legal position in 12 months


  • Clarified employer attractiveness
  • Shaped the positions' attractiveness
  • Created integral career landing pages
  • Ran LinkedIn outreach campaigns


Conversion rate LinkedIn outbound from all respondents
Until the first highly qualified candidates applied after campaign start
More applicants with the same ad budget
(Data compared to a leading headhunting firm)
We got your back

Optional Consulting & Done-For-You Services

AI Candidate Assistant

Individualize candidate experience with an AI Candidate Assistant

Have an AI Agent answer FAQs and guide candidates through your recruitment process

  • Optimize candidate experience
  • Identify what your ideal candidates want to know
  • Save time answering recurring questions

Active Sourcing

After you've transitioned to Integral Talent Activation and you want more traffic on the vacancy landingpages, our active sourcing service has got you covered.
Prices upon request


Integral Talent Attraction helps to maximize the probability to attract the right applicants that match with your vision and terminal values.

Now you want to find out who of them is completely committed and who brings in the personality, instrumental values and strengths that perfectly complement your team.

VALUED helps to conduct interviews for multidimensional matching.

You conduct interviews and we send you an AI generated report about the match
200 EUR excl. VAT per report


Scientific experiments show that onboarding is crucial for keeping your newly found employees.

VALUED helps you turn this period into a memorable experience for candidates they will cherish which reduces fluctation.
Prices upon request

Executive Branding

Strengthen your employer brand helps to reduce cost-per-candidate-acquisition. Building personal brands for key employees helps to elevate employer brand attractiveness and recognition.

VALUED helps building strong personal brands of your founders, executives and key players on LinkedIn and position them as thought leaders.
Prices upon request


I'll be happy to introduce VALUED to you personally
Marc Eichner
Founder VALUED
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