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Talent Attraction Wings

and win up to 2,000% Applicants without increasing your job ads budget? 
If you want to turn your company into a talent destination, to place even your most difficult positions with ease, and get called innovative hiring expert from colleagues ...

Then read on and find out ...

... how VALUED can help.

What People say

And we didn't even have to bribe them
Senior Hiring Manager, Amazon
"Now that's an innovative form of recruiting!"
HR Manager, Banking Sector
"The job post’s language is so incredibly human-centered which makes it a challenge to NOT apply."
Senior Marketing Manager, SME
I’m happy with my employer, but when I saw this job I was so intrigued that my application just HAPPENED.

The Reason

Why Most companies struggle with Hiring Is...
They spend all their efforts on talent marketing tactics, which leave them wondering why they still have a dried up candidate pipeline.

They are so buried under the tactics that they're never quite able to establish a strong connection with candidates that would differentiate them in the sea of interchangeable employers. Even though they know it's wrong, they are tempted to chase candidates, because they feel like they just need to do something.

Chances are you're experiencing something similar. If you are, know you're not alone. 95% of recruiters are dealing with the exact same problem.
You want nothing more than To

Create A Work WoRld That CultivateS High Performance and Wellbeing

... To win super smart people that are not just in for the money, but committed to your Company's Cause
 But you're in alert mode 
Hiring KPIs are poor even though you have tried "all the things". You deep down know that there must be a better way, but you haven't figured out to connect all the dots.
You're experimenting...
... with every different talent marketing channel and talent pool that attracts your attention. You skeptically hope you'll find the magic talent access that'll change it all.
You're posting...
...  regularly on social media about your company. But all the thorough work you put in to make your company more visible only gets you a couple of likes, and rarely an applicant.
You're redefining...
... compensation packages because you want to really make the position attractive with great benefits, but somehow the big effect is not happening.
You're doubting...
... what the right way to attract Gen Z & Y is? You read all the reports of the big consulting firms about their different needs and behaviours immediately, but the changes you make have not yielded the results you want to see.

You wonder why...

... it just does not seem to work out
You probably feel like you have tried it all, to win the finest talent that makes the difference for your organization.

  • From 1-click application funnels that make more candidates apply that don't identify with your company, and then leave you spending valuable time on separating the wheat from the chaff
  • to expensive headhunting firms, that ... well ... "hunt heads" and don't attract people that identify with your company
  • to promises of tech gurus that AI will solve all your hiring challenges, when in fact for building strong bonds you need humans

But so far you haven't discovered anything that's coming close to turn your company into a talent destination, making it increasingly harder to justify the hiring strategy in front of the CXOs and investors.

No wonder you're sceptical if you'll ever find the talent attraction strategy that just makes "click", wins the talent that makes the difference for your company and reduces your working hours.

IF can't WAIT to get to the next level...

... give yourself permission to do things differently

What's going to be different this time?

 A completely different mindset! 
How do you start?

What do you do next?

How can you bring it all together and create a hiring strategy that wins the hearts and minds of top talent and works out efficiently and sustainably?
  • The Soul of Your Company
  • Advancements in AI
  • Automation
  • Social Media Talent Marketing
  • Active Sourcing
  • Performance Talent Marketing
It's easy.
Find your company's true self... and then your ideal co-workers.
In other words, you create your own talent market based on your values. In this market, your company is the only option for exactly the talent that you want.
Do you want to know why most, if not all the tactics (automation, social media, performance marketing, etc...) you have tried are not working for you sustainably? 

They work only for those companies that have built their talent attraction on top of their DNA.
Don't use values as a marker like everyone else. Use values as a strategy.
Marc Eichner
Founder VALUED

Your Identity Makes the Difference 

With it you create Your own blue Talent ocean
Who your company is changes everything.

How your company acts changes everything.

Who your company's people are changes everything.

Who your company serves changes everything.

What your company says to employees changes everything.

How your company says it changes everything.

How your company looks like changes everything.

Where your company's people hang out changes everything.

Who your company is, is what your candidates are missing!

What your company does, doesn't hold the prime position.

People apply because they are inspired by your cause and trust your empowering intentions.

Give them what they crave...

The true Sincere Essence of your company

When you develop a work world based on your values and communicate it to your ideal candidates...

You don't post-and-pray
You don’t beg for talent
You don’t hunt down a yes 
You don’t stalk LinkedIn profiles

You don’t pretend 
or masquerade 
or mimic 
or shove your company's identity into boxes.
Because you don’t need to!

You inspire
You engage
You magnetize
You captivate

You're relatable
You're motivating
You're real 
You're contagious

You attract the finest people 
You seduce commitment
You immerse in admiration
You gather a community
You impact lives
You multiply positivity

You find people who are so aligned with your company that they're 90% onboard before they even know what your job offer is.


Multiplying application rates, bringing you the finest talent that you usually don't find on the open job market and saving you time with passive values-driven pre-qualification is what VALUED can help you do. 
Say hello to the

Talent Attraction track

Humanity's first science-backed done-with-you program that turns organizations into talent destinations. It's designed for companies committed to building high impact work worlds and helps you step-by-step to make it obvious for your finest candidates, how much more attractive your company is than everyone else in the industry.


Let's check

Is this you?

Whether you're kickstarting a new venture, transforming your hiring from top to bottom or updating your current talent strategy to reflect your evolving identity, the Values-Driven Talent Converter is your solution.

It's designed to elevate your talent attraction, potentially amplifying application rates by over 2,000% in just 10 days.

This 6-Stage Marbleous Talent Attraction Track...

... comes with all the tools you need to Give Your Talent Attraction Wings
What does marble have to do with hiring? 

I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.
Michelangelo Buonarotti
Sculptor and Artist

The angel in the Marble is the soul of your company

... identify it, uncover it, present it and values-driven talent will line up
Imagine your company's true self as a magnificent marble statue hidden within a rough block. This true essence, composed of intrinsic values and unique motives, lies beneath the surface, masked by the clutter and noise of the world. 

This journey isn't about adding or creating something that isn't already there, but envisioning the unique self and using the chisel of insight and self-awareness to carve away the extraneous.

Piece by piece, the irrelevant parts are chipped off, revealing a more defined form beneath. Through this transformative process, the intrinsic identity emerges, radiating an allure that magnetically attracts the finest talent to your organization.

It's not about shaping the marble into something new, but unveiling what's always been within. It's time to embark on this journey of revelation and let your company's true essence shine.
Together we'll

unleash your Talent Attraction Angel

... in 6 marbleous phases
phase 1:

Narrative Quarry

What your Company's Origin is
Unearth what it is that is truly driving your leaders in your company that makes it so remarkably unique, incredibly pertinent, and absolutely valuable to your ideal talent… you're going to adore choosing the best narrative marble blocks!
  • The leader’s origin stories
  • The founding story
  • The passion behind your collaborative work
  • The nemesis you’re fighting
  • The team members’ origin stories (optional)
  • What inspires your people and culture (optional)
phase 2:

Vision & Values Retreat

Who your company is
Identify what about your company is exceptionally distinctive, critically relevant, and extremely valuable to your ideal talent… you'll appreciate the envisioning process of your employer attractiveness angel!
  • The core identity of your company
  • Your purpose beyond profit
  • The values you're championing 
  • What sets you apart
  • The commitments you're upholding
  • The atmosphere you want to create
phase 3:

Talent Clay MODEL Studio

Who your finest talent is
Carve a company ethos that resonates with YOUR ideal talents, connecting as if it's a long-lost piece of their own story… you're going to cherish creating a clay prototype of the ideal talent you want to attract!
  • What kind of talent your company was founded for
  • The personality of your envisioned employee
  • How you want your employees to perceive you
  • Your current and long-term objectives
  • The aspirations of candidates you want to attract
  • The criteria that makes you say “YES” to a candidate 
phase 4:

Value Proposition Carving Workshop

What you offer and how you feel
Attract like-minded talents who resonate so well with your company's ethos that they're 90% committed before they even learn about the benefits… you're going to enjoy carving your employer attractiveness angel out of the narratives!
  • What distinguishes you from competitors
  • What makes your company profoundly relatable
  • What differentiates this vacancy from others
  • The vibe the vacancy projects
  • The aspirations wording
phase 5:

Talent Marketing POLISHING Atelier

what you communicate
Show up as your genuine company’s self that captivates ideal talent with profound meaning… you’ll love manifesting your company’s essence by making your employer attractiveness angel shine!
  • Activate your company's authentic narrative voice
  • Craft enticing headlines that draws your dream candidates in
  • Forge copy that evokes the desired emotions
  • Create a VALUED VACANCY Landingpage
  • Select powerful visuals for the landing page
  • Script & instruct creation of phone-recorded videos (optional)
phase 6:

Talent Attraction Angel Delivery Cart

How to set Everything up
Create an amazing candidate experience and save your valuable time pre-qualifying… you’ll love pushing the talent attraction angel (your job posting + VALUED Vacancy Landingpage) delivery cart to its destination!
  • Create a values-driven pre-qualification form
  • Set-up video replay analytics
  • Implement heatmap tracking
  • Send applicant data to your ATS
Ready for transformation?

Sculpt your talent attraction angel...

... with us and never look back
In just 10 days, we'll charge your company up with such profound meaning, it will radiate like an angelic godess, outshining your competitors. So irresistible it will redefine the universal laws of gravity and draw in the best talent you want to win.
We work with companies who are committed to developing positive work environments. If this is you, let's get in touch and we'll explore possibilities together.

The VALUED approach to hiring is just on another level. My advice, get started today, otherwise you'll regret it tomorrow.

Adi Suja
Founder GrowthClub LLP

If you want talent that adds to your culture, go VALUED.

Hanna Yarashuk
Managing Partner Yarashuk Consulting

It's just amazing how VALUED has rethought the hiring process from the ground up. Chapeau!

Arthur Jones
Founder Storylab LLC


Here are a few answers to questions we think help you clarify your thoughts

Marbleous Talent Attraction = Employer Branding?

No, it's not employer branding. It unfolds it's power immediately at the first job profile that you market. But you can also use it as the foundation for your employer branding.

Is this the first time you're applying the process?

We have been working for decades with values and used the underlying process of the Values-Driven Talent Converter for us and clients in the last 3 years to help win talent in the double digits. This very program is a pilot that we are running to scale things up. So expect some errors and at the same time flexibility from our side.

For what positions does this work?

It works with all positions. We have successfully used the process for people & culture-, systems admin-, video editor-, copy writer-, management assistant-, performance marketer, and syndic attourney positions. You're want to attract humans. All humans respond to values. That's it.

WHO's Behind VALUED?

Hi I'm Marc Eichner

When I graduated from University in the top 0.01% of performers, I was ready to take over the world. Then I got employed and burned out. I reflected that the business world was not compatible with me. I wanted meaning and a positive work environment. I wanted to connect to my full potential.

A couple of years later I had an eureka moment. As a startup founder, I wanted to place 5 open positions. I neglected the “best practises” of hiring and talent marketing. I created the employer value proposition and job ads the way I would have wanted to apply myself. All messages were designed to speak both, to the soul and mind of people. The result: 40-80 applicants per position. Time to Hire: 10 to 21 days. And we only used free marketing channels. 

The best part: it attracted exactly the talent you can wish for. Ambitious, smart, and proactive people. I realized, Simon Sinek is right. People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. Same goes for hiring. People don’t apply for tasks or benefits. They apply for the meaning the job gives them.

When I manifested my guiding principles into talent marketing, I attracted people that believed in the same things as me: The transformators, the movers, the creators, the kind spirits- All in the search for meaning, for a positive work environment, for tapping into their full potential.

When I showed the process in a coaching session, an executive search expert told me I had something. So we started testing the process with 4 positions of a startup, backed by an insurance firm. These are the results:

  • Get 20x higher application rates than the big talent search firms
  • A handful hours until the first top candidates apply
  • Candidates who already identify with the company before they apply

This encouraged me to dive into the hiring world and I decided to found VALUED. The mission is to help create supreme work environments by winning exceptional individuals.

Even though I’ve worked with McKinsey, BCG and REWE on employer branding in the past, I’m not a recruiter. I’m a marketer, entrepreneur and strong believer in the planet, people and prosperity framework. This gives me a unique perspective for designing powerful talent marketing systems.

I’m looking forward to connecting with you.

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