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People crave for a deeper sense of connection to their work and want their business to demonstrate greater integrity and accountability

Margaret Hartwell

People Crave for Meaning

Your Hosts

Explorers, Entrepreneurs, HUmanists

Marc Eichner
Founder VALUED
  • Values-Based Talent Marketer
  • Entrepreneur, Polymath & Surfer
  • Featured in Washington Post, Sueddeutsche Zeitung
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Arthur Jones
Founder The Art of Standing Out
  • Brand Strategy & Business Story Architect
  • Entrepreneur & Kyūdō Master
  • Author
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Bullshit Bingo

And foster empowering Language in Business
Our words shape reality. In business, archaic and militaristic terms like Human Resources and Battle Plan strip away humanity and impede progress. Join the VALUED Podcast and play Bullshit Bingo to help us move towards a future that values diversity and well-being.

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