How Koko Experienced Integral Hiring

Koko talks uncovers how he felt in the Integral Hiring process. Here is the transcript from the full version:

So I'm Koko, a month ago I was kind of applying a lot on LinkedIn, a lot of applications, but most of them with those easy apply ones or the very complicated ones, especially with NGOs, United Nations, et cetera. When I got to a job description, first of all, the title was attractive to me because it was, it was simple.

The only one of the video editor and the graphic designer can do both and not those fancy words that usually people use, the communications experts, whatever. So it was quite simple and I was like, okay, cool. Let's, let's see how it is. So I get into the application. And, it was different because it didn't feel like an application.

It felt more of, okay, this is fun, let's continue on doing it. You know, because the questions were really smart. It was, they were entertaining, that you really talk about not only your skills, but also everything other than your skills that you're interested in. So I think that's a nice way to start a relationship before the interview phase, which I found to be very interesting.

And also from their side, it's important to know who you actually, kind of, who you are, not just what you can do. So I, I found it like really, really cool. It was the right thing to do because I felt nice and I felt really comfortable and confident when I reached the interviews because I felt like they kind of know what I do, who I am.

So, yeah, it was fun, it was interesting and I always talk about it.



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