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You're a Supreme Entertainer

As a Jester, you are the ultimate symbol of merriment and creativity, embodying the essence of lightheartedness, humor, and irreverence. You find joy in the art of amusement, becoming the life and soul of any gathering, wielding your wit and charisma like a sparkling scepter to spread laughter and positivity.

You navigate life with a carefree spirit, radiating joy and an infectious zest for new experiences. Your fearlessness is your crown, empowering you to take risks and venture into the unknown. You don't shy away from expressing your genuine thoughts and emotions, with your voice serving as the trumpet in your merry parade.

Embracing the Jester brand archetype is the ideal path for those who yearn to distinguish themselves from the commonplace, leaving an indelible mark on their audience. It's a delightful stage to flaunt your playful character and infuse fun into your personal brand. By adopting this archetype, you can showcase your unique sense of humor and innate creativity, enabling you to shine brilliantly amidst the throng.

Your Company's Essence

core desire

To bring joy, fun, and lightness to the world, challenging norms and conventions through humor and playful mischief


Engaging. Relatable. Memorable. Versatile. Authentic. Stress-relieving. Inspiring. Disruptive. Energizing. Innovative.


Joy. Playfulness. Humor. Creativity. Freedom. Authenticity. Optimism. Spontaneity. Resilience


Inappropriate. Oversaturated. Misinterpreted. Inconsistent. Unpredictable. Disrespectful

You're only given a little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it.

- Robin Williams 

Your Journey


You want to infuse joy and laughter into your audience's lives, challenging the status quo with your playful irreverence and creating memorable, entertaining experiences


You engage your audience through humor, spontaneity, and creativity, breaking conventions and norms while promoting a light-hearted, enjoyable perspective on life


Being perceived as boring or dull, not being able to incite joy or laughter, and being taken too seriously, which could stifle your creativity and spontaneity

4 Expressions of the jester

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The entertainer is a person who enjoys performing and brings joy to others through their use of humor, artistic talents, intelligence, and shock value. They crave social interaction and stimulation, living in the present and indulging in sensory pleasure. They are highly adaptable, perceptive, and intuitive, studying human behavior and expressing themselves through the arts. They are capable of evoking emotional reactions and can inspire others to become more aware of themselves and the world around them.


The clown is a master at cloaking its real emotions behind a metaphorical mask. This disguise lends the courage to challenge norms and unearth the peculiarities nestled within society. The clown is not just about fun and games, it embodies an insightful, audacious character, offering unique and playful insights on life and the world around them. It finds satisfaction and joy in eliciting laughter, as it cultivates a sense of unity and offers a sort of emotional release, not only for the audience but also for the clown itself. Through its eccentric ways, this archetype draws people into its unique world, enabling others to see life through a lens tinted with whimsy and amusement.



The provocateur stirs up hidden feelings of discomfort and pushes people to see the bad side of being too comfortable. Even though it may cause some disagreement, the provocateur often draws people in with its charm and likability. It's really good at talking and making connections, which helps it get into different social circles and make a big impact. When it comes to what the provocateur stands for, it truly believes that not caring is the biggest enemy. It's an archetype that you can't ignore because it encourages taking chances and promises to give a chance at discovering life's deeper meaning and joys. In simple terms, the provocateur doesn't just shake things up for the sake of it, but to help everyone realize that there's something more exciting and rewarding out there to discover.


A master of adaptation, the trickster slides through every situation with unmatched flexibility and style. This shape-shifter often serves as the spark that encourages others to leap over their hurdles, inviting them to rethink their set beliefs and assumptions with a wink and a nod. Wearing a multitude of roles like a well-tailored suit, the trickster switches personalities with effortless ease, leaving a trail of fascination behind. Not just a skilled actor, the trickster morphs itself to fit any scene perfectly, guiding people and events towards better understanding or solutions with a lively zest. In the vast theatre of life, this enigmatic character subtly controls the plot, all while staying delightfully unpredictable.



casey neistat


chris rock

liza koshy

Amy Schumer


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