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You're a Supreme Conqueror

As a hero, you are the ultimate symbol of strength, courage, and the embodiment of virtuous deeds, rising above the ordinary to restore justice and purity within society. You stand out, a beacon of hope in the face of overwhelming adversity displaying unwavering self-sacrifice, remarkable resilience, and unyielding courage that command admiration from those who revere the triumph of good over evil.

Your character, an ever-evolving tapestry of valor, is not confined to a single persona, but rather takes on a myriad of forms and faces, each reflective of the dynamic nature of heroism. You are a perpetual student of life, relentlessly seeking to comprehend the complex dance of existence, manifesting the richest version of self even when the road gets steep and twisted. You are the epitome of sacrifice, willingly paying the ultimate price to achieve the noble goal of transformation.

Your journey is often one of solitude, traversing the path of wisdom acquisition, separated from the crowd yet never alone. Your loneliness is but the crucible in which your character is forged and your wisdom birthed. The Hero archetype is no ordinary one - it inhabits a transcendent position within our collective consciousness, embodying qualities that reverberate in the hearts of all humans. The path you tread, the hero's journey, is a narrative universally recognized and resonates deeply with our shared human experience. It is the transformative expedition from the realm of ego to the unveiling of a new self-identity.

A notable chapter in this transformative journey is the profound 'dark night of the soul,' a moment of inner crisis and introspection that precedes the dawn of a new life. This shadowy passage, daunting as it may seem, serves as the threshold to the brighter, more enlightened stage of your heroic saga.

Your Essence

core desire

To make a significant and positive impact on the world, often through acts of courage or strength that overcome challenges or improve conditions


Bravery. Strength. Stamina. Faith. Transformation. Self-sacrifice. Humanitarianism. Justice. Optimism. Discipline. Quick reflexes 


Mastery. Integrity. Honor. Courage. Determination. Advocacy. Justice. Empowerment. Dependability


Temptation of power. Arrogance. Need for revenge or payback. Ability to use physical strength to bully or hurt

The hero is the one who kindles a great light in the world, who sets up blazing torches in the dark streets of life for men to see by.

- Felix Adler

Your Journey


You want to help and protect others, inspire through courageous acts, and work towards a better world by overcoming adversity and challenges


You strive to inspire through action, demonstrating courage and competence, and providing solutions that help others overcome problems and achieve their goals


You fear to appear weak, ineffectual, or to fail in your mission, thus letting down those who depend on you

4 Expressions of the hero

Which type resonates with you the most?



The liberator is a powerful force for good, embodying both the voice and the physical presence of change. This archetype fights tirelessly for the needy and impoverished, motivated by an unbreakable conviction in the pursuit of justice and the unalienable rights of every person. Driven by an unwavering belief in freedom and equality, the liberator takes bold, purposeful action to achieve their goals. It refuses to be defeated, remaining tenacious in its effort to expose cultural norms that create suffering, inequity, and tyranny. Through its unwavering commitment and steadfast determination, the liberator seeks to shatter myths and misconceptions, laying bare the structures that perpetuate inequality and suffering. With an unrelenting spirit, this archetype refuses to give up on their cause, working tirelessly to create a better future for all.


The warrior is a symbol of dedication, honor, and unwavering ethics. Driven by a strong sense of justice, loyalty, and goal orientation, the warrior is often impatient and strategically focused on putting an end to what it perceives as wrong. As a force for change, the warrior feels empowered to create a better future and sees it as its duty to do so. As a guardian of boundaries, this archetype embodies assertiveness and teaches others how to speak the truth, meet their needs without compromising others, and fight for causes that transcend individual interests. 


The athlete embodies a relentless pursuit of excellence, seeking to achieve physical strength, agility, and endurance, as well as mental acuity, discipline, and focus. Morality, character, and ethics are integral to attaining a highly trained body, and the athlete continually strives to be faster, stronger, and better. By transcending the limitations of the human form, the athlete serves as a model for challenging conventional wisdom, aspiring to the highest potential, achieving visions of perfection and performance, and exploring the limits of power.
Its unwavering commitment, rigorous training regimen, and an unyielding drive for self-improvement distinguish them as true champions. Through its dedication, this archetype inspires others to pursue excellence and reach their goals, regardless of obstacles they may face.


The rescuer is motivated by an innate desire to provide assistance. By offering support in times of crisis the rescuer finds a sense of purpose and fulfillment. Whether working in healthcare, fighting for justice, responding to natural disasters, protecting their community, or preventing errors of judgment, the rescuer's qualities and actions serve to rescue both themselves and others from harm. Internally, this archetype can help rescue the self from self-betrayal, while externally, this archetype is committed to rescuing others from threatening situations. Its courage, empathy, and selflessness make the rescuer a beacon of hope in times of darkness, inspiring others to follow its example and to do what it can to help those in need.


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